Soccer tournament – Knowledge through ball 2014

On Saturday, the 25th October, starting at 11am, we will organize a traditional football tournament “Knowledge through ball”. The tournament will be held in the balloon Brazil (Zdravko Čelara 16, Palilula, near Pioneer Hall). Please arrive a little earlier in order to start the tournament on time.

The right to participate have all Rotaractors, as players or as audience. Each team will play the three matches (around 60minuta) and also other amateur teams may apply.

The entry fee per team is 5,000 dinars, and each guest in the audience should bring a book instead of tickets. You can also invite your friends to support you and cheer.

The funds raised will be donated to those in greatest need, which will also be notified when we see what books we have collected (the topics).

Sign up on time and come to play together!



Tournament propositions