International activity – HVALA

We doped off our new friends to the airport on Monday morning at 8 o’clock, no streghnt for a long goodbye. maybe better for all of us. Beside that we are from a small country we had succeeded to represent the best our nation has to give, and the word “Hvala (thank you)” still echoes in our heads. At the end we got a French flag, where everyone wrote a message for us:
Kevin: “Thank you so much. I was French and now I`m Serbian, too. We cannot forget you and these days will stay in my mind. Ziveli. And go Red Star!”
Agatha: “Thank you so much for this wonderwull time in Serbia. We felt so welcome and we enjoyed everything. See you again in Belgrade! We will definitely be back soon.”
Luise (Lulu): “Merci pour ce fabuleux sejour! Thank you all for this amazing trip in Serbia – lots of love.”
Romen (Roman the 1st): “I`ve just one world in my mind. HVALA! You offered us a part of Serbia which we will never Forget. Thank you for everything we are waiting you in Lyon. Živeli!”
Roman (Roman the 2nd): “Wonderful time with wonderful people! I will come back for sure!”

It is now the right time for us to say „Hvala“ to all of our guests

Thank you because you exist, for being our guest,for making us happy and proud, and finally a big „HVALA“ (thank you) for the help that you brought with you to Serbia.