International activity – 5 June

Our friendship began on Wednesday when Marcel, Katya and Jovana arrived from Amsterdam, while Agatha, Luiz, Roman, Romaine and Kevin arrived on Thursday. First of all we welcomed our guests at raft-restaurant „Paša“ on Zemun quay. Fish soup, as well as specialties from fresh river fish were a great occasion to get familiar with our guests.

After lunch, we started our trip to Ljubovija via Valjevo. Around 9 pm we arrived at Ethno village “Vrhpolje” where we were welcomed by the host Nikola. For this occasion, Nikola delighted us with great veal, cheese and kajmak, and our guests tried for the first time traditional Serbian drink Rakia: plum, quince and apricot. Socializing lasted long into the night and we all were eagerly waiting for the new day and the visit to the school “Petar Vragolić”.