REM St. Petersburg (January 2016)

Our Club had representatives on this years winters REM in Saint Petersburg (7.1. – 10.1). Representatives of our Club was Igor Mijatović i Tanja Miladinović, and Serbian delegation consisted of only 5 members. In brotherly land we felt just like at home, and to that contributed organizers who did their best that everything goes smoothly. Organization was at highest level and we must admit that this was one of the best organized REMs so far. We attended the opening ceremony and the gala dinner, in which we hung out with more than 500 Rotaractors from 64 countries.

We exchanged experiences and agreed on a new cooperation. It is our great pleasure that next winter REM is being held in Bratislava, Slovakia and the Slovaks have achieved a special friendship and have already scheduled a gathering in January 2017.

We took the opportunity to visit the cites of the imperial city of St. Petersburg, which was founded in 1703. We visited the Hermitage (Winter Palace), Imperial Village, Peterhof, the famous museum of the Russian Navy, as well as a number of churches. We felt the law of the Russian winter, as temperatures were between -27C and -22C, a slip on the frozen Neva, its canals and ponds, we will remain in the best memories.

We hope we were able to present our club at the highest level at this international conference, and to bring closer to our friends, history, tradition and culture of the Serbian people.

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