REM Istanbul (15-18, January 2015)

Our Club is preparing for the upcoming REM in Istanbul, which will be held from 15th to 18th January 2015. Six of our members (Milos Dosen, Nikola Stojanovic, Igor Mijatovic, Ljubisa Stamatovic, Andriana Jovicic and Tanja Miladinovic) will try to present at the best way our culture, traditions and history to friends all over Europe. Neither this trip will pass without our the traditional “Šljivovica” (plumb brandy), which we will present once again at the REM, also, we will carry with us the traditional gifts from Serbia (ajvar – homemade chutney, honey, etc.). We will use this trip to get to know the RTC Dolmabahce from Istanbul, with whom we will organize humanitarian action. This will be the third REM on which our club has representatives in the five-year duration of the Club.