Lecture by Dr Jovan Deretić (06.02.2014.)

On Thursday, February 6th during the meeting of RTC Belgrade Dedinje held at the Belgrade City Hotel beginning at 8pm, we will have the honor to welcome Dr. Jovan Deretić, who will give a lecture on the history of the Serbian people. Mr. Deretić born in 1939 in Orahovac is a Serbian journalist, representative of the pseudo-thesis alternative history of the Serbs. The main subject of his research is ancient Serbian history, unknown by the official historiography. His lyrics talk about the alleged existence of an ancient Serbian history from 2000 BC untill the 7th century, when according to the official history, the Serbs came to the Balkans together with other Slavic people. We invite everyone to join us and confirm their attendance by email: stojanovic@rotaractdedinje.com or phone: 069 2946425 (Jelena).