International activity – 8 June

Sunday, 8th June, 11 am, the cars were in front of the hostel and we started our city tour of Belgrade. Kalemegdan, Roman Well, Belgrade`s Winner, Knez Mihailova Street, the Temple of Saint Sava, Topčider park were some places we visited. We used the city tour to present in the best way a part of our culture and history. Sadly, our friends from the Netherlands had to leave us because their plane taook off that afternoon, and we continued our tour with the French. At 5 o’clock we all went home for a rest.

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{gallery}slike/2013_2014/medjunarodna/IV dan/Knez Mihailova{/gallery}

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For the last night of this trip, we prepared one suprise for Agatha who celebrated her 25th birthday on Monday. Our members met at 9 pm in front of the hostel where our guests were staying with a cake and candles. We went together into the apartment where Agatha was waiting for us and she didn`s hide her delight, we were able to surprise her. We ate the cake, drank some beer and rakia and after that we went on a raft-restaurant Rio on the Zemun quay. We were all full of impressions, but also very sad because we knew that the end of our friendship was quickly approaching. Kevin asked us if he could stay for another month in Serbia. But the life reality, obligations at home didn`t allow him to stay. Once again famouse word “Hvala” and once again we didn`t know what to answer. We were confident that we did the right job and that we were good hosts. We were aware that we had new friends, we were aware that we would see each again somewhere in the world, but this gathering had to end very soon. Romen (Roman the 2nd) was amazed at how many things he saw and nowhere was any rush and how it was all very spontaneous. Kevin called us to come to Lion for skiing…

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