Children are future (12/13/2015)

We organized the action “Children are future” with Rotaract Club Belgrade. On Sunday, 13th of December around 1 P.M. gathered the members and guests of both clubs in the front of Children’s Shelter.
First of all we introduced ourselves to the children, from where we are coming and who we are, what we do. Afterwards they introduced themselves. Then we split in two different groups, A and B, how we could easily coordinate with children, and idea was to decorate boxes with their handprint. Each group really fulfilled their task, but that was only the first one. Next task was to write on heartshape stickers their wish for next year, because we made a decorations for Christmas trees. After writing a wish there was a delicious brake. We put in boxes savory and sweet treats in which they really enjoyed and at that time we were together in one room and it was more lively atmosphere. There was laughter, taking pictures and sincere hugs of gratitude. Third task was in form of decorating a Christmas tree and it was very fun.

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