Socialization and help with the children with leukemia

A humanitarian action “From children to children” has been organized for the day of “Children’s fight against cancer” (15th of February 2011) with the aim of giving children from the Parent house and oncologic-hematologic section at the Institute for health care for mothers and children Serbia “Dr Vukan Cupic” toys and educational material.

The whole action has been realized with the help of Children’s school of English “Zekan” and its Director Andrea Mihailovic Jovanovic. On one side, this event taught the children about the beauty of humanity and through action showed why it is important to help those who need help the most; on the other side, children and mothers from the Parent house deeply appreciated spending the time with the Clowns and enjoying the visit of fellow peers. Toys and material for workshops has been given to the Association of Parents whose Children are Diseased of Malignous Illnesses “Zvoncica” who are as well running the Parent house. Two hours of joy and laughter within it was the goal that surpassed all our expectations and gave us the most beautiful gratification of holding such an event.

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