Lazar Bulic

Lazar Bulić
Incoming President 2017/2018


He was born in Belgrade on 8 January 1995.  After he finished the XIII Belgrade High School he enrolled in the Faculty of Computer Science in 2014 (School of computing – University UNION). Even in primary school he was dealing with youth activism where he held the position of Speaker of Parliament. He continued in the same way in high school where he was a prominent member of Parliament, and in 2013/2014 he was elected Speaker of Parliament. During high school he became a member of several non-governmental organizations which participated in the decision- different youth policy. He is a member of the National Education Council (NEC), and he is currently project manager in the ERASMUS project within a European organization. He has been involved in a large number of projects and received several significant awards. He became a member of the club in June 2015.

Club board 2016/2017 – Vice President
President 2017/2018