Multiple Sclerosis Society Belgrade

Association of Multiple Sclerosis Belgrade is a social , humanitarian and disability organization established in October in 1996. year.

The main course of our activities is directed towards the improvement of life and alleviating the patient’s day. Our members try to normalize their relations with the environment and public institutions. Nevertheless Multiple Sclerosis Society Belgrade is making great efforts to preserve and protect the emotional lives and mental health of members by helping in the exchange of experiences and visiting the stationary pations.    

Taking into account the fact that the disease affects mainly young people in the prime of life, who therefor retire too soon and have a lack of money, the Association of MS Belgrade is in constant contact and efforts to provide assistance to its members with hygiene packages, food, diapers, adult multivitamin packs, medicine, wheelchairs and other assistive devices, mobile and ordinary hospital beds, orthopedic equipment and health and rehabilitation programs in spas.

MS Society Belgrade has also organized computer courses and internet courses in order to make better and more frequent contacts among the members who have such opportunities and contact with patients around the world .

Regular activities of the Multiple Sclerosis Society include organizing tournaments in chess, darts tournaments , tours and gatherings for our members . Currently the Association of Multiple Sclerosis Belgrade has more than 1000 members .

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Documents for download:
The Project (serbian)
The Project (english)
Bank instructions (you can also contact our Club)
Letter of support from the City of Belgrade